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Final Fantasy Fanfic Recommendations

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Welcome to ff_recs! Any Final Fantasy fanfiction recommendations are welcomed here, so if you have stories you want to share, feel free to post them. :)


  • Don't recommend your own work here; head to ff_press or ff_noticeboard for that!

  • Fic discussion is allowed and encouraged, but please make sure that you discuss the fic in the comments where it has been recced, not by making a new entry.

  • You can include more than one rec in a post; just remember to cut long material and any spoilers.

  • Feel free to list your recs any way you like, but do include the fandom/canon somewhere so it can be properly tagged.

  • Reasons why you liked the story are encouraged, but they don't have to be super long. :)

  • Searches for specific stories as well as requests for recommendations are perfectly welcome.

Feel free to browse our tags for older recs.
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