Two specific Clack (Zack/Cloud) fic's search.

Um, hey, all. I was wondering if any kind soul could help a desperate gal out?

I know this is not a fic search comm, so to speak, but, seeing as there does not seem to BE a fic search site for this fandom, do not know where else to go.

In any case, shall ask My question, and, hopefully it is not against the rules, because, I really want o find these two ficcies.

Okay, they are both Zack/Cloud.

In the first, they are both young, under ten I believe, and, they live in the same little town, growing up together, and, there was a LOT o pining going on. I know, not very specific, but, if maybe people could just point out all Au's where they grow in a small town together, I might find it?

The second I have a MUCH better memory off, can not FORGET it, actually.

In this fic, lowly little recruits, gave blowjobs to soldiers, for the free diluted shots of mako, and, and extra strength that gives, for an edge. Cloud gets the idea from someone, and, finds Zack. He did not know him before hand in this fic, and, starts to feel guilty because he actually starts to like, nay LOVE, the guy, so, he tells him why he was so forward in trying to get Zack to sleep with him, and, Zack tells him he knew, and, all that magic mako blowjob stuff is bullshit, he just liked Cloud.

If ANYONE could help me find these two fic's, I would be FOREVER grateful.

Best, LonePanther.

I'm beyond ticked now...

I seriously need help. Can someone help me find a fanfic on either dreamwidth or livejournal that had Rydia, Cecil, Edge, and Edward in it?

Basically, it's AU and Rydia and Cecil are dating. She gets invited to go skating with some kids, and Cecil shows up later with a skaeboard. Anyone willing to have help out here?
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Searching for a Balthier/Vaan fic

Hi, I was wondering if anybody remembered apocryphal-muse's Final Fantasy XII Balthier/Vaan fic, "Childhood's End"? I've been searching for it desperately, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I was wondering if there was any chance anybody here had a link or a copy saved?

Thanks so much!
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Looking for a very awesome fic

Its Reno and Tifa and it's during the game and they're secretly having an affair or smth and there is one part where at gongaga village Reno and Rude are talking about which girls they prefer and when Rude says Tifa, Reno gets upset. Also tifa sneaks out to see him a lot.

Thanks for your help
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Looking for ff8 fic


I'm looking for an old ff8 fic I read a few years ago. I don't remember a lot but hopefully someone will recognize it regardless.

Rinoa has Squall under some kind of love spell. (I read a similar fic recently that ended up becoming Squall/Seifer, the spell broke when Squall told Seifer 'I love you'. I don't mean this one) To break Squall of Rinoa he ended up in Esthar. I think Squall was dependent on Rinoa and couldn't be too far from her or it would hurt him.

I know this is not a lot to go on, but I like other 'love-spell Squall' fics as well, so any are welcome.


Looking for your crap-fics

Like some other posters in this community, I am also looking for Final Fantasy fanfic recommendations... but whereas they are no doubt looking for something good, I am looking for the polar opposite. In short, I am looking to produce an audiobook recording (or two... or three... or four...) of some of the worst FF fanfiction you can find (or recommend). Not just mildly bad. I'm looking for something that's REALLY terrible. The stuff that's so bad it has a rabid cult following. Or perhaps something that DESERVES a cult following. I would also prefer non-pornographic fanfiction... for obvious reasons. I would love to receive any and all crap-fic recommendations, either posted here or sent to me via private message. Thanks guys!

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Looking for another story. Recently had to wipe my computer and have lost most/all of my favourites/bookmarks.

It's an AU where Cloud is Hojo's nephew and lives in his house where Angeal, Zack, Sephiroth and Genesis are ghosts who want revenge on Hojo and so try to chase Cloud out. There's a scene in the last chapter I read where Cloud goes into anaphylactic shock from an allergy to peanuts and they try to save him out of guilt.

Sound familiar?

NOTE: Nevermind. One of my RL friends found it. Thanks though for listening!
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Hey, I'm not sure if this is allowed....

I'm looking for a fic. It's a Sephiroth/Genesis/Cloud where Angeal becomes preoccupied with Zack and Genesis and Sephiroth decide to find a new playmate.

I read it a few weeks ago but I forgot to save it. I remember this one scene where Genesis and Sephiroth go to Wutai to get some super rare meat as an apology for Cloud who they left standing in the cold while Angeal was over. There was some kink.

Does this sound familiar to anybody?

It's a great fic and I hope someone else has read it.

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Four Recs for Four Games

Title: Last Rites
Author: Annwyd
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Tseng, Vincent
Summary: Tseng's last minutes. Turkfic.

This fic is, essentially, a thumbnail sketch of the Turks via a bit of brief interaction between Vincent and Tseng. It is dark and funny and sad all at the same time, and it's an interesting angle on the Turks which is definitely worth a read.

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Title: Not Dead But Dying Slowly
Author: Hojo
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Cid/Edea
Summary: After sending the SeeDs to kill the sorceress, Cid considers his actions.

Cid and Edea don't seem to get a lot of attention in FFVIII fanfic, and this fic is a really nice, sympathetic look at Cid's role in the whole business and what it must be like for him, and what his relationship with Edea must have been like prior to the events of the game.

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Title: A Fine and Private Place
Author: Annwyd
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Rating: K
Characters/Pairings: Auron/OC, brief appearances by Braska and Jecht
Summary: Auron fic, peering into his history to see his mistakes and the life he left behind.

Yes, it's an OC fic - but I very much recommend giving it a chance anyhow, because the OC and her relationship with Auron is not really the main purpose of the fic; instead, the OC is primarily a lens through which to view Auron, providing insights as to his character and perspective on his development from the young man we see in the sphere recordings to the man he became by the events of the game proper. It's not a hundred percent perfect; it's one of the author's earliest posted works and there are a couple of points that could have done with smoothing, but it's absolutely worth reading all the same.

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Title: Expected Outcomes
Author: lazulisong
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Larsa/Penelo, some Vaan/Penelo
Summary: Larsa has always been very good at long-term planning.
(originally this was called 'the one where he promises her they can keep vaan as a pet'.)

I honestly don't have the words to properly describe this one; it's all about Larsa and his nearly effortless talent for politely and pleasantly manipulating people and events around him, and his relationship with Penelo and her affection for and sensible exasperation with him, and her relationship with Vaan and how it fits in, and it's lovely and very, very funny and perfectly characterized.

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What Becomes of Ideals

Title: What Becomes of Ideals
Author: bemused_dreamer
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: T (has one swear word in the whole thing)
Character: Rufus, Reno

I had to badger this writer into writing this and you will be far from displeased with her results. Although the work is very brief and concise, she characterizes Rufus with such perfection and is able to capture every moment of his thought, his action, with words that are just so timely. To read her work is to read the masterpiece of an artist who meticulously crafts her literature like a sculpture-- she structures sentences so carefully, and every single phrase she uses seems to have a meaning or reason for being. You'll have to read for yourself to find out exactly what I'm talking about. At the end, you feel like you're so much closer to Rufus because of that deeper understanding that you get from her analysis of him. It's deeply touching and it made me relook at Rufus in a much more appreciative (and sympathetic) light.